Please note that everything in CAPS below has a silver component in its manufacturing.

One of the most dreaded moments of our lives, the phone call from the hospital.

Yes, it is about your beloved mother.

The TELEPHONE rings and you run to answer it. The nurse talks in an urgent tone. It seems like the world has ended.

In those few moments, you grab the REMOTE to turn the volume down. The PLASMA TV, playing your favourite DVD, The BUTTONS fade away as you make way for tears. The SPEAKERS go mute. You heavily press “save” on the KEYBOARD at the COMPUTER table.

“She’s okay,” the voice calls out. “Come right now to the HOSPITAL”.

“That’s all”, you tell your spouse. You grab your CELL PHONE and call your siblings.

“Is she okay?” your wife asks. Cleaning with the VACUUM CLEANER and Busy using the WASHING MACHINE, she did not hear the conversation.

“Yes, just hurry up,” you answer, tuning off the “STOVE”.

She pushes the TOYS out of the way. Grabs a WATER BOTTLE from the REFRIGERATOR and pushes the MICROWAVE shut.

You quickly put on the SUNBLOCK SHIRT your mother gave you and look in the MIRROR. The SOLAR PANEL’s shine strikes your eye through the WINDOW. You are feeling hot and are so happy that the AIR CONDITIONER and AIR PURIFIER are working.

You open the LATCH to the front door.  You notice your wife’s wearing those EARRINGS you bought for her at Christmas with the CD of her Favourite singer.

You unlock the car using the REMOTE KEY. The ENGINE is on and the POWER WINDOWS open. Adjusting the POWER SEATS, you start your journey.

Both of you are silent. The RADIO is off and the STOPLIGHT is taking forever to change. You can see the TELEPHONE TOWERS at the top of the hospital.

At the toll both, the SCANNER beeps and you go through swiftly. Your wife checks the WATCH for the time and remembers that it is out of BATTERY power.

The AUTOMATIC DOOR opens and the receptionist with an IPAD give you the room number. The Hospital has good INSULATION and feels cool. You jump on the next elevator and push the ELEVATOR BUTTON for the second floor.

You find your mother on a RECLINING BED, with a BREATHING TUBE. The room’s filled with NUMEROUS HOSPITAL DEVICES with COMPUTER SCREENs. There are SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS   in a SILVER tray nearby.

The doctor with a STETHOSCOPE and EYEGLASSES, informs you of your mother’s condition.

He says that she fell but she will be okay soon. You see the BANDAGES and can’t hide your concerns.

The doctor sees this and assures you of your mother’s good health. He says that they will take X-RAYS to remove any possibility of a fracture. He says that your mother is already taking ANTIBIOTICS and will not get any infections. You take a sigh of relief and notice that your mother is still wearing her favourite BRACELET.

The doctor updates her status using his LAPTOP. The nurse fetches some water in the pitcher from the WATER PURIFIER and places it on the ANTI-SCRATCH surface. You settle into the PLASTIC CHAIR and relax for a bit.

Silver and its importance to modern life

The above article gives just one example on how important silver is to our life, especially in a medical environment.  If you ever went to the hospital or were treated by a doctor, chances are that you have seen the part silver plays in lifesaving.

Moreover, silver finds its use in every major industry today. Be it Biocides or electronics, solar panels or batteries. Silver is so deeply involved in the modern day life that scarcely a day goes by without using a product made from or by silver.

Silver’s demand has exponentially increased:

  • Jewelry and silverware demand has 27.2% increased since 2011.
  • India has imported nearly 5,500 tonnes of silver last year. 180% up from the last two years
  • Solar power contributed to 29% of all electricity in America and soon it will become the dominant option.
  • China is rapidly expanding its solar industry and registered a growth of nearly 17%
  • Silver demand in China is expanding and exceeded a quarter million ounces last year after many years.
  • New uses of silver are still being discovered. The “SCOUGH” uses silver nanoparticles to filter out germs and pollutants.
  • Industrial demand for silver is projected to increase at 5% per year.
  • ETF demand for silver has soared in 2014


Silver: The buying opportunity of the decade

If you are an investor, silver’s low price can give you a very big opportunity. It is highly undervalued and after worst price declines since 1991, it is ready for a massive rebound.

Silver is trading at prices below the price levels seen before the recession and the QE program.

Prices are clearly not inline with the actual demand.

Just like gold, silver will help us maintain our standard of living. Silver is more suitable for smaller purchases. With a declining dollar, silver is the most promising invest with even more purchasing power expected for the future.

The SALE on SILVER is ON. Grab the chance now.