Top Ten Gold and Silver IRA FAQs

What is an IRA Transfer?

If you currently have a standard IRA, but are ready to gain the benefits of a precious metals IRA backed with physical Gold and Silver, than you can simply transfer your assets from your IRA to a Gold and Silver IRA.

An IRA transfer allows you to transfer either all or part of the assets from your current IRA to your new Gold and Silver IRA. The transfer is made between your old IRA custodian and your new one.

With a transfer, there are no tax consequences or penalties, as it is not considered a distribution. In other words, you personally have not received any assets during the transfer process. A transfer is simple and straight-foreword, and Regent Gold’s IRA specialists are available to guide you through the required IRA Account Form.

What is a 401K Rollover?

When you “rollover” an employer-sponsored retirement account (such as a 401K, 403B or Profit Sharing Plan) directly to an IRA, it is referred to as a Direct IRA Rollover.

Learn more: “How to Rollover your 401K into a Gold and Silver IRA”

To start your IRA Rollover, a Regent Gold IRA specialist is available to guide you through the required IRA Account Form. Call 1-800-496-5945 now for more information.

How long should I plan on holding the precious metals in my IRA?

Gold has proven to hold its value even during periods of economic and social instability. Historically, the demand for Gold only increases as the demand for other assets, such as equities, bonds and real estate decreases.

It is this deserved “safe haven” reputation that makes Gold a robust long-term investment, and provides investors with a level of confidence knowing their IRA is backed by physical Gold and Silver.

Historically, precious metals have outperformed other assets like stocks, bonds and mutual funds over time. Therefore, it is recommended to plan on holding the physical precious metals in your IRA for at least 3-5 years. To increase the possibility of higher returns, keeping ownership of your Gold and Silver for 5-10 years is generally considered to be optimum.

Can I access my Gold and Silver IRA account online?

Yes. Upon opening a Gold and Silver IRA account with Regent Gold, our clients are assigned a proprietary number that allows them to access their account online, anytime, day or night. This allows our clients to see the full value of their portfolio, which is based on the physical Gold and Silver proof coins and bullion in the precious metal IRA.

Regent Gold believes in full transparency in every aspect of the process; we provide easy access during business hours and continual online access to client IRA portfolio balances 24/7.

Is it important to own both Gold and Silver in my IRA account?

From an investment standpoint, Gold and Silver, as the most widely held precious metals, have certain similarities that make them attractive to own in an IRA. (Link to Why Invest in Gold and Silver)

However, there are enough differences, also from an investment standpoint, that many investors include BOTH precious metals in their account.

Be sure to speak to your Regent Gold IRA specialist to learn about the benefits of each, so you are able to choose the best ratio of Gold and Silver to own in order to achieve a balanced portfolio.

How much of my wealth should be in precious metals?

With the current levels of market volatility and investor uncertainty, numerous experts suggest you have 10-30% of your wealth in physical precious metals.

While diversification is certainly a widely regarded key to investing success, it is the proper method of diversification that is most important. As seen during the crash of 2008, owning a lot of paper investments does not prevent steep losses in a portfolio.

True diversification includes multiple asset classes, and precious metals, particularly in the form of physical Gold and Silver, can be one of the most reliable assets to hedge against the crash of paper investments.

What is IRA-Approved Gold and Silver?

Until the Taxpayer Act of 1997, coins and physical bullion were not approved for IRAs. Since then, certain proof and bullion products became allowed, though there are a number of restrictions, most dealing with purity requirements.

Only Gold products with a fineness of 24 karat (0.9999 fineness) are allowed. Gold coins that are considered acceptable for precious metal IRAs are the popular American Eagle proof and bullion products from the U.S.
Some of the Silver products that are IRA-approved include American Eagles and Canadian Maple Leaf.

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Regent Gold can help guide you in choosing the best precious metals for your portfolio, based on our extensive experience and understanding of current market conditions.

Can I take physical possession of my IRA Gold and Silver?

Regent Gold Group has developed an approved strategy that allows individuals to take possession of their IRA metals. Please contact us for details on the Regent Gold Group IRA LLC™.

However, according to the Gov. tax code, most IRA assets must remain in the custody of the IRA’s custodian until a distribution is made. This means that if you purchase physical Gold or Silver for a precious metals IRA, then you typically are not allowed to take physical possession of your metals until a predefined retirement age.

Instead, your Gold and Silver must be deposited into one of several approved storage facilities in the nation.

Regent Gold has mandated Delaware Depository Service Company (DDSC) maintain ‘segregated’ storage for each of its clients; so the actual proof and bullion coins that you purchased are allocated and not co-mingled – into a separate individual Regent Gold client secure vault.

DDSC, located in Wilmington, Delaware is licensed by NYMEX, COMEX and NYSE-Life US. You are entitled to visit DDSC at any time to inspect your physical Gold and Silver.

Where are my Gold and Silver IRA precious metals stored?

One of the legal requirements of owning Gold and Silver in a Precious Metals IRA is that the physical metals contained within each account must be stored in an approved, third party depository.

Regent Gold Group utilizes the Delaware Depository Service Company, located in Wilmington, Delaware, as the approved storage facility for all the physical precious metals held within its client’s Gold and Silver IRAs.

Delaware Depository Service Company (DDSC) is the country’s leading precious metals storage facilities. It is licensed by NYMEX, COMEX and NYSE-Life US, and is insured by Lloyds of London, the oldest insurance company in the world. DDSC carries abillion dollar “all-risk” insurance policy to protect its client’s precious metals.

Though the rules that govern Precious Metal IRAs require that the Gold and Silver you own is stored in an approved facility, the precious metals that you purchased for your Gold and Silver IRA portfolio are available for your inspection at any time.

Regent Gold has mandated DDSC maintain ‘segregated’ storage for each of its clients, so the actual proof and bullion coins that you purchased are segregated and not co-mingled. Your Gold and Silver is kept in a separate, individual secure vault reserved for Regent Gold clients.

How do I liquidate the physical Gold and Silver inside of my IRA?

Among the many benefits of owning physical precious metals is that they are proven to be highly liquid assets. As such, they can be converted to any world currency when you are ready to liquidate the Gold and Silver in your IRA. Or, simply take possession of the precious metal assets.

When you are ready to liquidate the physical Gold and Silver in your IRA, Regent Gold can assist you in this liquidation process. All you need to do is contact one of our Gold and Silver IRA specialists, indicating what assets you wish to liquidate, the price you wish to sell them, and we will transact the sale on your behalf.