Gold and Silver IRA

What is a Gold and Silver IRA?

With the emotional scars of the 2008 crash fresh in the mind of investors, millions are now switching from traditional paper-backed IRAs to precious metals backed IRAs due to dissatisfaction with the stock market, desire for true portfolio diversification and a growing interest in tangible “hard assets” in lieu of paper investments.

Through its team of knowledgeable Gold and Silver IRA specialists, Regent Gold Group helps investors to protect their IRAs against the wild gyrations and volatility of the stock market by anchoring their portfolio(s) with physical Gold and Silver.

Our Gold and Silver IRA is a government-approved alternative to the standard IRA, one that is backed by physical Gold and Silver. It is a Self-Directed IRA, which gives you the power to take control of your own financial future. By making it simple and safe for investors to add precious metals to an IRA, Regent Gold Group is a leader in Precious Metals IRAs.


Benefits Of a Precious Metals IRA

Most Americans with retirement accounts are familiar with the term IRA. It stands for Individual Retirement Account and is a form of retirement plan that provides special tax advantages for retirement savings.

The majority of traditional IRAs consist of stocks, bonds and mutual funds, all of which are risky “paper” assets. This leaves the average IRA portfolio highly susceptible to market fluctuations and loss of value, as became obvious in 2008, when millions of Americans saw their retirement portfolios suffer losses of up to 50% or more.

Now, in an effort to protect their retirement portfolios, millions of smart investors are balancing their portfolios with Self-Directed IRAs backed by precious metals.

Precious metals IRAs allow U.S. citizens to invest in physical assets, not just investment paper like stocks and bonds. With a precious metals IRA, an individual can own physical, precious metals inside of an IRA, while still retaining all the tax-benefits.

The freedom for individuals to control their own retirement portfolios has made the precious metals IRA market one of the fastest growing segments in the financial service industry. It is currently estimated to be $100 billion (2% of all IRAs), with a growth rate of approximately 700-900% over the last five years. Additionally, projected growth is expected to continue along a similar trend over the next five years.

Investors are no longer willing to put their retirement savings at risk. They simply aren’t content with owning paper certificates of stock, bonds or mutual funds.

With Self-Directed IRAs offering more control, more options and more room for growth than standard IRAs can offer, it is hardly a surprise that a growing number of retirement investors are moving into self-directed, precious metals- backed IRAs.

There are many benefits to owning physical Gold and Silver in your IRA, and savvy retirement investors are seeking to own real and tangible precious metals that are stored safely in a secure and insured facility.

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It’s Easy to “Roll Over” Into a Gold and Silver IRA

By using our Simple Forms, it‘s a very easy process to “Roll Over” your existing retirement account into a Precious Metals IRA, whether it’s a TRADITIONAL IRA, ROTH IRA, 401K, 403B, SEP, SIMPLE, or TSP. Once the process is complete, you have ownership of physical Gold and Silver in your IRA.

In fact, you can now roll-over your 401k into a Precious Metals IRA as well.

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Individuals wishing to transfer their current IRA or previous 401(k) investments into a precious metals-backed IRA find it can be a seamless transaction without tax consequences or penalties with a Regent Gold Group Gold and Silver IRA.

With Regent Gold Group serving as your guide, the process of opening a new precious metals-backed IRA is simple, safe and secure. Our team of Gold and Silver IRA specialists can help direct you towards a balanced retirement portfolio that includes physical precious metals that you own. Individuals wishing to transfer their current IRA or previous 401(k) investments into a Gold and Silver IRA will find it is a seamless transaction, without tax consequences or penalties.

Here are the three steps to follow:

STEP 1: Setting Up Your New Account

The first step towards establishing your precious metals retirement account is to open a Gold and Silver IRA. Please note, there are just a few custodians sanctioned by the Government to oversee physical, tangible precious metals inside an IRA account, and Regent Gold has partnered with the nation’s leading IRA custodian.

During this first step we will help you complete our simple IRA Account Form, which allows you to open an account with the IRA custodian partner. This is where you let us know if you are going to rollover or transfer an existing IRA or 401k account, and what amount of funds you wish to place in your new account.

STEP 2: Transfer of Assets

Decide what amount you want your opening investment to be and deposit the funds in your new Gold and Silver IRA. You may chose to move all or some of your existing IRA / 401k assets into your new account.

STEP 3: Purchase of physical precious metals for your new Gold and Silver IRA account

Now that your account has been funded, the next step is to purchase precious metals to place within your IRA.

Your Regent Gold IRA specialist will listen closely to your needs, than recommend the best products for a robust and balanced portfolio. Next, we will lock in the agreed prices of your precious metals by a recorded confirmation telephone for transparency.

Once the funds are in place, Regent Gold will deposit your physical Gold and Silver directly into your account at the Government-approved and insured depository, DDSC.

Regent Gold will work closely with you throughout the entire process, monitoring every step and making sure that each phase of the transaction goes smoothly. We encourage a transparent process and encourage you to ask any questions as the process goes from start to completion.

  • Step One

    Complete our simple IRA Account Form and let us know if you are opening up a new precious metals IRA with us or if you are going to rollover an existing IRA / 401k and make it a Gold & Silver backed account.

  • Step Two

    Decide what you want your opening investment amount to be or if you are moving all or some of your existing IRA / 401k into this new account.

  • Step Three

    Purchase of physical precious metals for your new Gold and Silver IRA account

  • Adding a Gold and Silver IRA to your investment portfolio can be one of the smartest moves you can make to prepare for your retirement. Contact us today and let Regent Gold Group help you to make a positive difference in your retirement plans.

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