401 K Rollovers

Turning Your 401K into Gold and Silver

With the mounting global economic crisis and our domestic debt and deficit issues, many savvy investors are converting 401K positions into precious metals.

In response to the increasing level of uncertainty in the global economy, there is an increased movement among investors towards Precious Metals IRAs that allow you to own physical Gold and Silver in your retirement account.

As investors learn the benefits of owning physical precious metals in their retirement accounts, more and more individuals are “Rolling Over” their 401K, 403B or other Profit Sharing plan to an approved precious metals IRA.

What is a 401K?

Named after the subsection of the Internal Revenue Code by the same designation, A 401k account is an employer-sponsored savings plan that allows workers to invest a portion of their pay directly into a tax-deferred retirement account.

What is a 401K Rollover?

When you “rollover” an employer-sponsored retirement account (such as a 401K or 403B Profit Sharing Plan) directly to an IRA, it is referred to as a Direct Rollover.

Generally speaking, all that is required is that you contact the administrator of your 401K by phone and ask them to release your funds directly into your new precious metals IRA.

In most instances, one simple phone call will allow the current custodian of your former 401(K) plan to release these funds directly into your new Gold IRA.

Usually, the Direct Rollover can be completed within five to ten business days, though the actual time depends on how long your current 401K custodian takes to release your funds.

Getting Started

A Gold & Silver IRA backs all of your hard earned savings with a solid and dependable asset. It helps safeguard your wealth and guards your investment by adding something real and tangible to your retirement holdings.

Regent Gold Group has worked to streamline the Gold & Silver IRA process so you can get started on the path to better retirement savings in three easy steps:

  • Open a Regent Gold and Silver IRA in 3 Easy Steps!
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    Step One: Complete the IRA application Simple Form
    Step Two: Decide on the amount you want to invest to start your IRA
    Step Three: Open and fund the IRA with the help of our experts at Regent Gold Group

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Moving An Existing IRA Account to Metals 

Many investors have had some sort of investment plans in place. It may be a 401K, stocks, mutual funds, or other types of accounts. Oftentimes, these can be moved into an IRA account. This can be done either in part or in whole. Any portion of an existing IRA can usually be moved into a precious metal IRA. Usually there are no fees and no tax consequence when you move your funds. When you are ready to make the move to a Gold and Silver IRA with Regent Gold Group, just give us a call: We are here to help.

A Transfer:

If you currently have a standard IRA, but are ready to gain the benefits of a precious metals IRA backed with physical Gold and Silver, than you can simply transfer your assets from your IRA to a Gold and Silver IRA.

An IRA transfer allows you to transfer either all or part of the assets from your current IRA to your new Gold and Silver IRA. The transfer is made between your old IRA custodian and your new one.

With a transfer, there are no tax consequences or penalties, as it is not considered a distribution. In other words, you personally have not received any assets during the transfer process. A transfer is simple and straight-foreword, and Regent Gold’s IRA specialists are available to guide you through the required IRA Account Form.

A Rollover:

When you “rollover” an employer-sponsored retirement account (such as a 401K, 403B or Profit Sharing Plan) directly to an IRA, it is referred to as a Direct IRA Rollover.

To start your IRA Rollover, a Regent Gold IRA specialist is available to guide you through the required IRA Account Form. Call 1-800-496-5945 now for more information.

The Regent Gold Group Difference

Diversifying a traditional IRA may be critical for success and stability during uncertain economic times, and precious metals could be the best way to achieve this. Financial experts routinely suggest that 10% to 30% of your portfolio should be invested in Gold, Silver, and other precious metals. Regent Gold can help you get your retirement savings plan back on solid ground.

  • If you already have an IRA account, we can help you move this into a Regent Gold Group Gold and Silver IRA. If you don’t have an IRA we can help you get started and set you up with a Self-Directed Gold & Silver IRA! Contact us today and let us help you reach your individual retirement goals.

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